The 2017 Raleigh Electric Redux iE

The 2017
Raleigh Electric
Redux iE


The most electrifyingly fun equalizer ever!

Redux iE

Designed with modern simplicity in mind, and built rugged and durable enough to tame all elements, the Redux iE is the perfect ebike for riders who encounter everything from detours to potholes on their morning commute.

High power means high performance! Pedal-assist technology simply adds power to your pedals when you need it, up to a top boost of 28mph! The Redux iE electric bike is equipped with a German-built, Brose mid-motor drive system, 36V integrated downtube battery, and 28MPH top speed.

What this means is you'll get to work faster, healthier, and without being drenched in sweat. You'll avoid sitting in your car in traffic, or being pressed into a subway car. Get ready to love your commute!

When you not commuting, imagine yourself riding longer, and farther... Beyond work and the edges of the city in which you live... Laughing at hills and headwinds all the way!

Beyond the freedom and fun, the Redux iE will give you the edge you may be missing when riding with people a little younger than you. Some of Raleigh Electric's biggest fans are our riders who, despite injury- or age-related aches and pains, now enjoy the healthy benefits of bicycling again, on ebikes!

Raleigh Electric has been building fun in the form of bicycles for more than 130 years. We bring you the highest quality construction, top-of-the-line components, and a commitment to innovation that is unmatched in the industry.

There are so many reasons to start enjoying the added power boost an electric bicycle can give you. Let's talk about ebikes today. We're ready to help you find your perfect electric bike!